Weight Loss Webinar

Welcome to the Live Weight Loss Webinar 

with Tai Chi Gung Master David Paul

Saturday May 22nd

11 a.m. (MT)

Are you sitting on a 3 legged stool with 2 legs? When you don’t have enough energy, it doesn’t matter how much you eat or don’t eat. The Tai Chi Gung Lamas of Tibet have a 2nd and 3rd source of energy beyond food. In this webinar, you’ll learn how they access this energy to get everything their bodies need to live 120-150 years. And with abundant energy, you get more choices in your diet, not less. In this free 30 minute Webinar, David Paul shares insights from 34 years of training. He is the only certified Tai Chi Gung Master in Lao Tzu’s Order currently living in the U.S.
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Meeting ID: 869 3178 4378
Passcode: ENERGY

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