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Ask Master David!

Send us your questions about Tai’ Chi Gung.  At the end of the Thursday evening class, Master David Paul will answer one or more questions asked by students during the week.  Topics will be posted ahead of time whenever possible.

This simple Q & A is our way of trying to help you get the most out of your Tai’ Chi Gung practice. Comments remain general so the privacy of students is maintained.  For advanced students, private sessions where specific topics are discussed are available once or twice a month.  Contact Master Paul for more information.  Contact Contact

If you’d like to study the psychology and philosophy of Tai’ Chi Gung right away, many answers can be found in Master Lama Rasaji’s first book, “The Circle of Chi”.  You receive the entire first chapter of this book immediately by joining the Newsletter. (See Right Side Bar) A short excerpt from Chapter 2 through 9 then arrives in your email box once a week.




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