Free 30 Minute Consultation


I offer a one time, free 30 minute consultation by phone  to anyone who would like to talk with me. There are set times to choose from every week.

You might be looking for more information about private classes, or wondering if Lao Tzu’s Tai Chi Gung is a good fit.  Feel free to grab an open time that works for you. Follow the link:


Many students will do their Tai Chi Gung exercises for awhile and then have an experience they don’t quite understand, or they’re excited and just want to share it.

9 times out of 10, there are more good health benefits ahead to look forward to.  The energy builds over time.  It crescendos. Sometimes it’s nice to know what to expect, or what you can do to stimulate more experiences like it.

Sometimes, you’ll go through waves of increases and find it more difficult to balance the energy than before.  This is natural.  I’ve gone through increases many times over the years.  A conversation together can go a long way in setting you at ease.

If it falls out of my direct experience, or I don’t know how to help you; I can ask Master Lama Rasaji who I work with privately every week. Help is always there for you.

There is no obligation for the free session. I’d enjoy speaking with you. I love this stuff. 🙂

To schedule your free 30 minute session with me, access my calendar, choose an available day and time.  Don’t delay though, my schedule fills up quickly.