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6 ways to live past your 120th birthday and still be healthy, happy and financially secure.

Who wants to live a long life if your health fails, your money runs out and you have nothing to live for?

Even so, by percentage, centenarians are the fastest growing age group on the planet. As we all live longer, our health only becomes that much more important to our quality of life.

Here are 6 easy ways the Tai Chi Gung Masters have lived longer, healthier, happier lives for more than 3000 years.

1) Embrace Resting Chi

Learn to let go of active mode.

An amazing number of people have trouble sleeping at night. They have lost the ability to detach from their daily life and rest. To counter act this lack of rest, they often rely on caffeine. As good as coffee tastes, and I’m a fan, using it as a source of energy only takes the body chemistry even further from the rest cycle needed to stay healthy and live a long life.

The 4 basic Tai Chi Gung standing exercises we do in our weekly classes automatically balance the descending chi and help you rest.

2) Breathe Better

Learn to breathe chi.

A group of researchers at Berkeley discovered that most people who are struggling with weight do not breath efficiently enough to digest their food. The Tai Chi Gung Masters know that most human beings on the planet do not breathe with the life force energy consciously… ever! Like a forest when it stops raining for months, their bodies dry up; starved for the energy they need every day to remain healthy and live a long life.

Well over 90% of all students feel the energy between their hands at the end of Tai Chi Swim exercise in their very first class. To keep the energy high for you, we do every online class live. The energy is in the present moment!

3) Walk More

Human bodies were designed to move.

Physicians at Harvard are so high on walking that they’re even beginning to prescribe it to their patients. In a time when you can get anything delivered to your doorstep, the side effect of less physical movement impacts people’s health in ways they don’t even realize.

That being said, not all exercise is the same. The Tai’ Chi Gung Masters are experts at regenerative movement. They’re efficient too! They learned that when you move with nature and breathe with nature; nature sustains you! It doesn’t try to remove you from the planet by aging you.

4) Get Your Mind Right

Thoughts have a frequency.

Thoughts have a vibration. The magnetic field that surrounds the physical body resonates with the frequency of your thoughts and feelings constantly. Aside from the breath itself, nothing impacts your long term health more than the repetitive thoughts that you recycle through your spirit, mind and body on a daily basis.

Most meditation tries to master thoughts with the thought process itself.  It can take years of practice to do this well. But Tai Chi Gung Masters discovered that they could influence the mind positively with movement and breath. The mind makes a great servant, but a very poor master. With the Tai Chi Gung exercises, students learn to make their minds work for them, not against them.

5) Make Your Passion Your Work

Do what you love.

Those who lose their purpose in life, usually don’t live very long. The health of those who work in jobs they hate inevitably suffers. On the other hand, finding what you’re passionate about and sharing it with the world is tremendously regenerative.

One of the benefits of doing Tai Chi Gung is that you regain your passion for living. Students even report to us that colors look more vibrant, sounds are more intense, the joy they feel being around people they love begins to crescendo. As this happens, it becomes easy to discover new passions, or reignite the fire in old ones you’ve forgotten. Private sessions dig into this kind of work. There are many self improvement steps along the way to turn a passion into a career successfully.

6) Overcome Poverty

Retire worry over money.

Most people who are honest with themselves have no interest in outliving their savings. They would rather die than live a life of low quality. How your life looks in decade 9, 10, 11 and 12 is a very much up to you, but one of the most taxing things on health through your whole life is financial stress. If you want to remain healthy, its very important to deal with it. The sooner, the better!

Tai Chi Gung Masters see money as a flow of energy. They teach ways to build passive income (requires neither time or continuous effort), so you can do your passions for a living and ultimately never worry about how much profit you make. Ironically, when you don’t need it, it often flows abundantly. (Law of Reverse Effort) And when it comes to finances, a long life actually works very much in your favor. (compounding interest)