Healing can be for the spirit, mind or the physical body.  Music is an interesting pathway for healing because sometimes it slips past resistance; regardless of what a person is feeling or thinking at the moment.  It often gets the healing job started … opens the heart; even if it doesn’t get the whole job done right away … repairing the soul, or removing physical symptoms.

Healing is a sensitive subject for many people because different religious beliefs enter in, especially if the healing is miraculous.

At the Lamasery of Tai Chi Gung in Tibet, where the physical healing system of Lao Tzu has been shared unbroken for 3000 years, there are Masters and Lamas from every well known religious tradition in the world.  Each religion is considered a different chapter out of the same book of God.  Some Masters did not have one.  It is a very forgiving and tolerant and non judgmental tradition. All are welcome.  You are welcome. 🙂

At the same time, the Lamas of Tai Chi Gung make some very powerful statements about healing and the human condition.  Out of gratitude for your visit here, for your willingness to listen to my music, I’ll share just a couple of them.

My intention is not to shock you, but to encourage you.  If you are in pain, sometimes the greatest leap of courage is to allow peace to come in and hang out with you for a couple minutes.  Please know that this alone is enough.

If you hunger for more, if you want permanent healing; it may be important to shift your awareness, and take back your power.

A true miracle is a change in consciousness.

ALL illness and disease rise from one single condition. A human being accepts the mistaken idea that they are separate from the Divine

Until you deal with aging itself, all healing is temporary.

The Tai Chi Gung Lamas know a lot about healing.  I have been practicing their system of regeneration daily for more than 34 years.  For more information about how frequency, vibration, thought, breath and belief influence healing, please visit: Healing Blog Post


You’re invited to join us for a FREE live streamed Concert of Healing and Light

 Sunday February 24th at 7 p.m. (MT)

Return to this streaming window. It will go live for the concert. There is no log in. Just come and join us.

We’re building a growing group of like minded people who will come together and share their healing energy during live streamed concerts here.  One very quick way to speed your own healing is to share healing energy with others. Here is a chance to do that.

We’ll have the music to help focus our specific intentions, and  general intentions.  You can text in during the concert and help steer the direction we go.  Quite a bit of the music will be shared without a lot of talking.  You can simply do your thing as others do theirs.

Most of the music is created new during the concert. Its a live stream, not recorded.  The music will be in a similar style to what  you hear here.  The concert is free.

When you share the very thing that you what more of in your life… the universe speeds it back to you faster. 

If that idea of abundance appeals to you about this healing project, we welcome concert sponsors.  I take no payment for the healing concerts.

Pay it forward…

  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • Give peace, and peace returns to you multiplied.
  • Your sponsorship dollars bring healing to new people now. They come here for healing.  (They searched for it online.)
  • All sponsorship dollars pay it forward. (The artist takes no payment.)

Learn More… Pay It Forward Pay It Forward

One piece during every concert will be created new and dedicated to the healing requests of our audience.

Write in your request now.

Help others by sending your Light to the posts.

Link to this Facebook thread to post your intention or share your Light.

We want to thank these sponsors. Please visit their sites, get in touch with them. Show your appreciation in action.

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