Building Power Part 2

… if being powerful was a science, (perhaps measured by one’s ability to bring positive change to the world, or the ability to get what your heart desires most), what daily action would “get ‘er done” most efficiently? Consider this equation: Each day you are given “x” amount of emotion, effort, will, want to … …

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Building Power

An early awakened soul often gets most excited about how quickly they can manifest their dreams.  They understand that there are no time limits on miracles. Their thoughts are creative, and they are awakening to a magnificent power. It doesn’t take long to realize that in some areas of their lives, they can manifest effortlessly …

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I was walking with my Tai Chi Gung Master during one of our weekly classes when suddenly, a priest came out of his office and walked toward us quickly.  He was a close friend of Master Lama Rasaji and knew him well. He could hardly contain himself.  “She’s healed!  She’s healed! Our prayers have been …

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