Receivers and Transmitters

Did you ever do this when you were a kid?  A sibling gets in your face and starts to give you a hard time, so you put your hands over your ears and start shouting as loud as you can “LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!!!”

There is a stage of personal power like that.  You see what the world is trying to sell you, and you consciously put something else in it’s place. You begin to choose your thoughts.  If you’re brave, you choose who you spend your time with, and even where you work.

In Tai Chi Gung, one of the benefits people see very quickly as they begin to practice the exercises is an increased awareness of their field.  90% of our students actually feel their field physically in their very first class. I’ve even seen yoga teachers with more than 10 years experience open their eyes very wide when it happens to them.  They’re experiencing the chi physically in a way they never have before. It’s a testament to the purity of the system, and it’s 3000 year unbroken lineage.

Your thoughts and emotions are housed in your field.  When you can feel your energy field as easily as you feel the temperature when you step outside, you start to have many more life choices.

Students in Tai Chi Gung discover that they are the receiver of energy frequencies around them, and they can function as the transmitter also. This is actually true of the internal organs.  A Tai Chi Gung Master can project a quality of spirit through their liver, through their spleen, through their lungs.  The body is so much more than plumbing.

In the early stages of study, it’s an amazing step forward in personal power when you start to consciously choose a quality of your thoughts and emotions.  You teach your mind to recognize, embrace and to focus a specific frequency.  With practice, you’re able to project that quality of chi outward into the world.

It gives a new meaning to… where there is light, there can be no darkness.

Mother Teresa’s work in Calcutta is profound example of this ability.  She chose to see the Divine in those she served.  It is also powerfully present among survivors of concentration camps. Coincidentally, most of those that survived and learned to become the transmitter, became incredibly successful financially. Wealth as a spiritual practice often involves overcoming death in various forms.

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