If Money is Energy, Then…

There are masters in the Tai Chi Gung lineage who no longer have any use for money.  They manifest their needs directly from the Source of Life itself.

This demonstrates one of the highest levels of mastery any human being has ever acheived in a physical body.  To get what is needed, they simply have a thought, and it manifests immediately in the physical universe.

This power comes when you “know” you are one with the Source of Life and that you co-create your universe at every moment with the Divine. Having stepped into a high level of “Self” acceptance, the law of attraction works for these Masters instantly.

We all are creating our lives at every moment.  How fast something shows up has a lot to do with how much of the life force we have available to us at any moment … and where our self acceptance is.

It can be difficult to accept,  but if you really want to know where your acceptance level is with money today, simply look at your bank account balance.

A lot of spiritually minded souls would love to skip dealing with money altogether.  It seems dirty. World religions of almost every kind have placed negative judgments on money for milleniums.  Poverty is spiritual.  Money is a lower vibration.

Until you can manifest everything you need or want directly from the life force itself, money can be a great teaching tool to get there.

Mastering money can be a tremendous spiritual discipline, if you choose to see it that way.  When you see money as just a form of energy intended to feed you as a spiritual being having a physical existence, it can help you grow more quickly.

Sometimes, our unconscious minds only have to push up a tiny little negative judgement about money, and we’re gladly ready to throw in the towel.  What we don’t see by avoiding our own poverty, is that it can be a way to hide from the limitations we have placed on ourselves.  By avoiding money, we never have to take responsibility for our circumstances. We never are challenged to activate our creative potential or manifest abundance or bring “heaven on earth”.

For a moment, just think of money as a widely accepted measuring stick for energy.  Collectively, our attention flows to a sport, and billions of dollars flow through it.  Our attention flows to a company’s product… and money pours into a company.  A musician creates a piece that touches the souls of listeners, millions of people download the track and that artist becomes a millionaire over night.

I’m not suggesting that you use money to measure your self worth, or determine your success or failure.  It has nothing to do with who you are, but it can help you understand your relationship to the world.

In some ways, because everyone seems to accept money as a measuring stick, it can be a great teaching tool.  It serves as a mirror back toward us.  Stuart Wilde, the renegade spiritual advisor might say, ‘lack of money is a symptom of low self esteem, a symptom of low self acceptance.’

To a human being who knows they are directly connected to the Infinite Source of Life for all eternity… poverty could be viewed as a disease. Poverty world wide is a very popular view point among humans, but it’s not necessarily their destiny, or who they really are.

In private sessions when I work with clients, we examine underlying beliefs like this that may block abundance. But we also look at 7 other ways the Life Force feeds a human being.

At the top of that list is one’s health. Are you connecting to the Life Force each day?  Are you balancing your field with the right kinds of thought, breath, movement and nutrition day to day?  What are you doing to regenerate your spirit, mind and body?

Many people react negatively toward money because they see others out of balance with it on the other end of the spectrum.  One can read about wealthy people who appear to use 90 percent of their time and energy accumulating it, but they neglect relationships and often risk their health. It’s in the news every day.

Others avoid mastering money because it will require them to actually do something, to engage with the world in a positive way, live their passions, share their talents.

One of the core ideas surrounding work (one of 8 ways that the life energy feeds a human being) is to share what you are passionate about.  It is something that your soul wants contribute in the world.  Often, it is the core reason you have a body on the earth now in the first place.  People sign up for an incarnation with a mission, and then decide not to do the very thing they asked to come here for.

There’s a right time and place for everything.  I didn’t tackly poverty until my health was rock solid and my regeneration routine was very strong.  When it’s time to focus on eliminating poverty from your life, it’s nice to know that receiving wealth in exchange for sharing your passion actually brings two very powerful regenerative energy flows into your life at the same time.

One shouldn’t underestimate the stress on your health caused by ongoing money issues.  For many, it’s an unconscious burden that is literally shortening their life.

Working with a Tai Chi Gung Master becomes a journey of expanded balance.  Imagine what benefits would have come to the world if Mozart lived another 90 years, or Einstein regenerated his body and worked another 50 years?  Accumulating wealth is far more generous than most people are willing to accept. It takes great courage.

My teacher has said over and over, every soul has a mission on earth that is global in it’s impact.  One step along the way of helping the world, on a world wide scale, is to dissolve any limitations that may be preventing you from sharing on that level.  It’s certainly worth meditating on:

How much good will I bring to the world, when I accept an abundant flow of money through my life from the Source of Life?

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