I was walking with my Tai Chi Gung Master during one of our weekly classes when suddenly, a priest came out of his office and walked toward us quickly.  He was a close friend of Master Lama Rasaji and knew him well.

He could hardly contain himself.  “She’s healed!  She’s healed! Our prayers have been answered.”

A parishioner who was in 4th stage liver cancer had gone in for an MRI in preparation for surgery.  The results were in, and the doctors at Mayo Clinic could find no evidence of the disease.  It simply disappeared.

After he went on his way, my teacher took the time to explain how this healing happened in relationship to the energy.

Every illness or dis-ease, whether it be in the mind, body or spirit has a frequency, a vibration. It is sustained by our acceptance of it.  It is fueled by our thoughts and emotions. And it remains in our spirit, mind and body through our breath.  The prayers around this woman raised the vibration enough so that the illness could no longer remain in her physical body.

Most people use their thoughts and emotions habitually over time in degenerative ways.  These turn into deeply held beliefs that shape the flow of energy.  If the patterns aren’t released, they can  show up in physical symptoms.

In the healing process,  it is incredibly valuable to understand that sickness of any kind is tied to a seed thought.  Very often there is some type of traumatic experience tied to it as well.  In meditation, a person can find these seed thoughts and get to the root of the matter.  Remove the seed thought, and you remove all grounding, or anchoring for that illness.

So healing can be instantaneous, and complete. It depends a lot on the individual’s acceptance.

A huge mistake we see people make who are early in to working with energy or the law of attraction, is they don’t respect the depth of the beliefs that sit in their unconscious mind, and in their genetic coding.  They think a couple positive thoughts will outweigh decades of destructive energy patterns.   They don’t understand that until the seed thought is changed, symptoms can stay, or return.

If you can hold a single thought that you are 10 lbs lighter today, wake up tomorrow, and be 10 lbs lighter, then your mind is truly  powerful.  But, if you’re not at that level of healing mastery, don’t kid yourself.  When you are truly ill, it is your responsibility to seek medical attention from a licensed professional.

Be smart.  Allow your mind to catch up to your spirit that knows you can be instantly healed.  In Tai Chi Gung, we recognize that this desire for instant healing is often tied to a person’s fear that they don’t have enough time left to fix it. Their “hurry to heal” is in fact fueled by their mortality issues which are a vibration that is actually making their symptoms worse.

Please understand: We do not claim to diagnose, or treat any disease state. This information is for educational purposes only.   

The Tai Chi Gung Lamas have had 3000 years to share healing energy, and discover how to activate it.  A person who desires complete, permanent healing very often undergoes a spiritual transformation, a transformation of self esteem, of worthiness. They discover who they truly are.

All illness or dis-ease, even aging itself comes when a human being  consciously or unconsciously accepts the thought that they are separate from the Divine.

Complete healing happens when that seed thought is released.  We let it go.  It is forgiven, if you prefer to use the religious words.

Many different stages of healing can happen.

In the early stages, people will go to others for healing.  The herb healed me, the healer healed me, the doctors healed me.  It is accepted that an outside source can bring relief, and so it happens.

In intermediate stages, people will take more responsibility.  They will be partners in the healing.  Their mentor helps them see the degenerative patterns of energy, the areas of low self esteem that are bringing on the symptoms, and the individual claims their inner worthiness and the symptoms disappear.

In advanced stages, people are working to keep their energy level high all the time.  They transcend diseases, out live them, change their genetic coding.  Along the way, they discover they can keep illness out of their body.  An old pattern of degeneration only effects their emotional field where they deal with it and release it before it becomes physical.

In the highest stages healing, illness simply can’t touch them at all.  A Tai Chi Gung Master considers aging itself a lower vibration, and it is all negotiable.  Immersed in the immortal vibration of Nature, they simply live in constant communion with the Life Force.  Many who do this become “invisible” to those who choose to entertain disease.  In some centuries, these Tai Chi Gung Lamas and Masters lived public lives like Lao Tzu, the original Tai Chi Gung Master, for example. (Though this public life was for a relatively short time compared to his life span, and somewhat forced on him by generals serving the emperor who was sick). For the most part, highly adept Tai Chi Gung Masters live in quiet anonymity… sometimes for 100s of years.  You simply won’t find them unless you’re earnestly seeking longevity or a truly abundant life.

The key to having a healing work for you, on any level, is to sustain the vibration of health or wholeness.  This must be done long enough so that the symptom loses it’s grounding in the body, mind or spirit. Generally, you’ll have to lose your attachment to the disease.

A very powerful way to make this happen, is to see yourself, or to see the person in need… in a state of complete health.  See them as if the healing has already happened.  This takes belief to a place of “knowing”.   It represents 100% faith. It brings it into the present, which is where the true power of transformation is to be found.

We can come together to speed healing for each other by raising our frequency together.  This is the aim of the healing concerts streamed live from our website.  We’ll use the power of seeing health and wholeness more than focusing on illness or disease.  One quick way to be healed yourself, is to be healer for others… another reason to make being there a priority. Visit www.TaiChiGungOnline.com for the dates and times of our next event.

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