Building Power Part 2

… if being powerful was a science, (perhaps measured by one’s ability to bring positive change to the world, or the ability to get what your heart desires most), what daily action would “get ‘er done” most efficiently?

Consider this equation: Each day you are given “x” amount of emotion, effort, will, want to … i.e. ‘energy’ to spend. Every time you think a thought, you spend some of that energy. Divide the amount of energy by the total number of thoughts you entertain that day, and you get a rough idea how much power you have.

So… if you’re curious why most people don’t change, grow or evolve; consider the fact that most people think 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts every day. Most people dissipate their power by having way, way too many thoughts.

Learning to choose your own thoughts is one of the single most powerful things you can do.

In Tai Chi Gung, we not only learn to do that, we harness the Chi in Nature to accelerate the energy behind our thoughts. We multiply the daily supply of “emotion, effort, will, want to” energy available …. 2x, 4x, even 10 fold. It courses into the physical universe through the passion of the soul, and we know it because we feel the shift in the chi in the physical body. Pretty awesome way to spend time. 🙂

In our training, it really comes back to the basic standing exercises. Bo-Yang, the head of the Tai Chi Gung Lamasery was Master Lama Rasaji’s teacher. He used to tell him over and over… get back to the body.

So in order to change the number of thoughts you have a day, and eventually upgrade the quality of those thoughts as well as increasing the energy behind those thoughts, it’s valuable to understand how movement, breath and mind work in, with and around the physical body to “get ‘er done.”

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