Building Power

An early awakened soul often gets most excited about how quickly they can manifest their dreams.  They understand that there are no time limits on miracles. Their thoughts are creative, and they are awakening to a magnificent power.

It doesn’t take long to realize that in some areas of their lives, they can manifest effortlessly and almost instantly, but other things they want seem to take forever, or even appear to be out of reach.

One way to measure the power of a human being is to note how much time passes between their thought and it’s manifestation in their world.

The greatest spiritual masters in the history of the world are recorded to heal instantly.  They have the thought, and it manifests instantly.  They even promise that these powers are available to any human being.

But how does a person learn to do these things?

As a human race, we tend to see power outside ourselves first. We notice how much influence a person has over their world and the people in it.

But another way to look at power is to notice how much that individual can alter their own health.  If a Tai Chi Gung master has the power to live for 600 years in a physical body that feels, functions and works like a healthy 30 year old, they tend to be less impressed with a tyrant on the world stage who dominates geography and lives for just a few decades.

There can be a gap between seeing a Master with tremendous longevity and health, and believing that you can achieve the same, even if both of you are human beings, with all the same potential.

In that gap is a lack of power.  It’s not always popular to mention, but it’s important to understand that there is a key difference among many spiritual practices that goes unrecognized by those who practice.  Some spiritual disciplines are content to dwell in the mind. They don’t aspire to alter the physical dimension. They consider it beneath them, or less than.

Tai Chi Gung was born from an appreciation of Nature. It recognizes an immortal vibration in the elements of earth, water, fire and air.  So it is about an integration of all dimensions, a merging of spirit, mind and body.  The Divine is recognized in all dimensions equally.

If you aspire to get out of the physical universe, that is 100% your choice.  Can you see how difficult it would be to heal the body or slow the aging process, if your soul intention is to leave it?

Recognizing where your soul intention lies is an important part to speeding up manifestation.  A random thought in your conscious mind is less powerful than a focused thought with deep emotion.  And a focused thought with deep emotion that harnesses the power of a soul intention is even more powerful. (The secret sauce right there, by the way.)

“Do what you love and the money will come” is a somewhat oversimplified way of saying the same thing.

Many people get weighed down over time by the responsibilities of every day life.  They may sacrifice their soul intention in this incarnation for another person, or for their family. Some religious traditions claim this is the highest form of love.

It’s not uncommon for a life built this way to fall apart.  What if half the people who divorce wake up to realize they sacrificed their very soul for another person.  I’m not claiming that one is right and the other is wrong.

It’s not whether “you do”, or “you don’t do”.  It’s more a question of knowing that your soul is on board for the sacrifice.  A sacrifice of true love brings joy long term.  If you’re miserable all the time, it may be worth a second look.

How do you find your true soul intention?

In the Tai Chi Gung system, rather than attach dogma to this whole process, we recommend that people learn how to raise their vibration.  The exercises connect people to Nature, and as their conscious mind is raised, the intelligence of their soul can communicate more clearly.  With a mentor, you can have the advantage of bouncing off the ideas with someone who has walked the same path.

We’ve had numerous people show up to class with a notepad and pen.  They get insights right during the exercises and want to record them so they can remember.

Lao Tzu took many, many decades in Nature practicing Tai Chi Gung to understand the path of regeneration he has shared through this system for more than 3000 years.  The principles actually come through the Siddhi Yoga Master tradition that is tens of thousands of years old.

For many, the practice of this ancient system will help them reawaken to a level of power they have had in previous incarnations.  It is a remarkable journey, filled with wonder.  It is worth every moment invested.

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