Building Power Part 2

… if being powerful was a science, (perhaps measured by one’s ability to bring positive change to the world, or the ability to get what your heart desires most), what daily action would “get ‘er done” most efficiently?

Consider this equation: Each day you are given “x” amount of emotion, effort, will, want to … i.e. ‘energy’ to spend. Every time you think a thought, you spend some of that energy. Divide the amount of energy by the total number of thoughts you entertain that day, and you get a rough idea how much power you have.

So… if you’re curious why most people don’t change, grow or evolve; consider the fact that most people think 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts every day. Most people dissipate their power by having way, way too many thoughts.

Learning to choose your own thoughts is one of the single most powerful things you can do.

In Tai Chi Gung, we not only learn to do that, we harness the Chi in Nature to accelerate the energy behind our thoughts. We multiply the daily supply of “emotion, effort, will, want to” energy available …. 2x, 4x, even 10 fold. It courses into the physical universe through the passion of the soul, and we know it because we feel the shift in the chi in the physical body. Pretty awesome way to spend time. ūüôā

In our training, it really comes back to the basic standing exercises. Bo-Yang, the head of the Tai Chi Gung Lamasery was Master Lama Rasaji’s teacher. He used to tell him over and over… get back to the body.

So in order to change the number of thoughts you have a day, and eventually upgrade the quality of those thoughts as well as increasing the energy behind those thoughts, it’s valuable to understand how movement, breath and mind work in, with and around the physical body to “get ‘er done.”

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If Money is Energy, Then…

There are masters in the Tai Chi Gung lineage who no longer have any use for money.  They manifest their needs directly from the Source of Life itself.

This demonstrates one of the highest levels of mastery any human being has ever acheived in a physical body.  To get what is needed, they simply have a thought, and it manifests immediately in the physical universe.

This power comes when you “know” you are one with the Source of Life and that you co-create your universe at every moment with the Divine. Having stepped into a high level of “Self” acceptance, the law of attraction works for these Masters instantly.

We all are creating our lives at every moment.¬† How fast something shows up has a lot to do with how much of the life force we have available to us at any moment … and where our self acceptance is.

It can be difficult to accept,  but if you really want to know where your acceptance level is with money today, simply look at your bank account balance.

A lot of spiritually minded souls would love to skip dealing with money altogether.  It seems dirty. World religions of almost every kind have placed negative judgments on money for milleniums.  Poverty is spiritual.  Money is a lower vibration.

Until you can manifest everything you need or want directly from the life force itself, money can be a great teaching tool to get there.

Mastering money can be a tremendous spiritual discipline, if you choose to see it that way.  When you see money as just a form of energy intended to feed you as a spiritual being having a physical existence, it can help you grow more quickly.

Sometimes, our unconscious minds only have to push up a tiny little negative judgement about money, and we’re gladly ready to throw in the towel.¬† What we don’t see by avoiding our own poverty, is that it can be a way to hide from the limitations we have placed on ourselves.¬† By avoiding money, we never have to take responsibility for our circumstances. We never are challenged to activate our creative potential or manifest abundance or bring “heaven on earth”.

For a moment, just think of money as a widely accepted measuring stick for energy.¬† Collectively, our attention flows to a sport, and billions of dollars flow through it.¬† Our attention flows to a company’s product… and money pours into a company.¬† A musician creates a piece that touches the souls of listeners, millions of people download the track and that artist becomes a millionaire over night.

I’m not suggesting that you use money to measure your self worth, or determine your success or failure.¬† It has nothing to do with who you are, but it can help you understand your relationship to the world.

In some ways, because everyone seems to accept money as a measuring stick, it can be a great teaching tool.¬† It serves as a mirror back toward us.¬† Stuart Wilde, the renegade spiritual advisor might say, ‘lack of money is a symptom of low self esteem, a symptom of low self acceptance.’

To a human being who knows they are directly connected to the Infinite Source of Life for all eternity… poverty could be viewed as a disease. Poverty world wide is a very popular view point among humans, but it’s not necessarily their destiny, or who they really are.

In private sessions when I work with clients, we examine underlying beliefs like this that may block abundance. But we also look at 7 other ways the Life Force feeds a human being.

At the top of that list is one’s health. Are you connecting to the Life Force each day?¬† Are you balancing your field with the right kinds of thought, breath, movement and nutrition day to day?¬† What are you doing to regenerate your spirit, mind and body?

Many people react negatively toward money because they see others out of balance with it on the other end of the spectrum.¬† One can read about wealthy people who appear to use 90 percent of their time and energy accumulating it, but they neglect relationships and often risk their health. It’s in the news every day.

Others avoid mastering money because it will require them to actually do something, to engage with the world in a positive way, live their passions, share their talents.

One of the core ideas surrounding work (one of 8 ways that the life energy feeds a human being) is to share what you are passionate about.  It is something that your soul wants contribute in the world.  Often, it is the core reason you have a body on the earth now in the first place.  People sign up for an incarnation with a mission, and then decide not to do the very thing they asked to come here for.

There’s a right time and place for everything.¬† I didn’t tackly poverty until my health was rock solid and my regeneration routine was very strong.¬† When it’s time to focus on eliminating poverty from your life, it’s nice to know that receiving wealth in exchange for sharing your passion actually brings two very powerful regenerative energy flows into your life at the same time.

One shouldn’t underestimate the stress on your health caused by ongoing money issues.¬† For many, it’s an unconscious burden that is literally shortening their life.

Working with a Tai Chi Gung Master becomes a journey of expanded balance.  Imagine what benefits would have come to the world if Mozart lived another 90 years, or Einstein regenerated his body and worked another 50 years?  Accumulating wealth is far more generous than most people are willing to accept. It takes great courage.

My teacher has said over and over, every soul has a mission on earth that is global in it’s impact.¬† One step along the way of helping the world, on a world wide scale, is to dissolve any limitations that may be preventing you from sharing on that level.¬† It’s certainly worth meditating on:

How much good will I bring to the world, when I accept an abundant flow of money through my life from the Source of Life?

Weekly Tai Chi Gung classes online can help you raise your energy so your answers to this questions thrill you to the very core of your soul.




Building Power

An early awakened soul often gets most excited about how quickly they can manifest their dreams.  They understand that there are no time limits on miracles. Their thoughts are creative, and they are awakening to a magnificent power.

It doesn’t take long to realize that in some areas of their lives, they can manifest effortlessly and almost instantly, but other things they want seem to take forever, or even appear to be out of reach.

One way to measure the power of a human being is to note how much time passes between their thought and it’s manifestation in their world.

The greatest spiritual masters in the history of the world are recorded to heal instantly.  They have the thought, and it manifests instantly.  They even promise that these powers are available to any human being.

But how does a person learn to do these things?

As a human race, we tend to see power outside ourselves first. We notice how much influence a person has over their world and the people in it.

But another way to look at power is to notice how much that individual can alter their own health.  If a Tai Chi Gung master has the power to live for 600 years in a physical body that feels, functions and works like a healthy 30 year old, they tend to be less impressed with a tyrant on the world stage who dominates geography and lives for just a few decades.

There can be a gap between seeing a Master with tremendous longevity and health, and believing that you can achieve the same, even if both of you are human beings, with all the same potential.

In that gap is a lack of power.¬† It’s not always popular to mention, but it’s important to understand that there is a key difference among many spiritual practices that goes unrecognized by those who practice.¬† Some spiritual disciplines are content to dwell in the mind. They don’t aspire to alter the physical dimension. They consider it beneath them, or less than.

Tai Chi Gung was born from an appreciation of Nature. It recognizes an immortal vibration in the elements of earth, water, fire and air.  So it is about an integration of all dimensions, a merging of spirit, mind and body.  The Divine is recognized in all dimensions equally.

If you aspire to get out of the physical universe, that is 100% your choice.  Can you see how difficult it would be to heal the body or slow the aging process, if your soul intention is to leave it?

Recognizing where your soul intention lies is an important part to speeding up manifestation.  A random thought in your conscious mind is less powerful than a focused thought with deep emotion.  And a focused thought with deep emotion that harnesses the power of a soul intention is even more powerful. (The secret sauce right there, by the way.)

“Do what you love and the money will come” is a somewhat oversimplified way of saying the same thing.

Many people get weighed down over time by the responsibilities of every day life.  They may sacrifice their soul intention in this incarnation for another person, or for their family. Some religious traditions claim this is the highest form of love.

It’s not uncommon for a life built this way to fall apart.¬† What if half the people who divorce wake up to realize they sacrificed their very soul for another person.¬† I’m not claiming that one is right and the other is wrong.

It’s not whether “you do”, or “you don’t do”.¬† It’s more a question of knowing that your soul is on board for the sacrifice.¬† A sacrifice of true love brings joy long term.¬† If you’re miserable all the time, it may be worth a second look.

How do you find your true soul intention?

In the Tai Chi Gung system, rather than attach dogma to this whole process, we recommend that people learn how to raise their vibration.  The exercises connect people to Nature, and as their conscious mind is raised, the intelligence of their soul can communicate more clearly.  With a mentor, you can have the advantage of bouncing off the ideas with someone who has walked the same path.

We’ve had numerous people show up to class with a notepad and pen.¬† They get insights right during the exercises and want to record them so they can remember.

Lao Tzu took many, many decades in Nature practicing Tai Chi Gung to understand the path of regeneration he has shared through this system for more than 3000 years.  The principles actually come through the Siddhi Yoga Master tradition that is tens of thousands of years old.

For many, the practice of this ancient system will help them reawaken to a level of power they have had in previous incarnations.  It is a remarkable journey, filled with wonder.  It is worth every moment invested.

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I was walking with my Tai Chi Gung Master during one of our weekly classes when suddenly, a priest came out of his office and walked toward us quickly.  He was a close friend of Master Lama Rasaji and knew him well.

He could hardly contain himself.¬† “She’s healed!¬† She’s healed! Our prayers have been answered.”

A parishioner who was in 4th stage liver cancer had gone in for an MRI in preparation for surgery.  The results were in, and the doctors at Mayo Clinic could find no evidence of the disease.  It simply disappeared.

After he went on his way, my teacher took the time to explain how this healing happened in relationship to the energy.

Every illness or dis-ease, whether it be in the mind, body or spirit has a frequency, a vibration. It is sustained by our acceptance of it.  It is fueled by our thoughts and emotions. And it remains in our spirit, mind and body through our breath.  The prayers around this woman raised the vibration enough so that the illness could no longer remain in her physical body.

Most people use their thoughts and emotions habitually over time in degenerative ways.¬† These turn into deeply held beliefs that shape the flow of energy.¬† If the patterns aren’t released, they can¬† show up in physical symptoms.

In the healing process,  it is incredibly valuable to understand that sickness of any kind is tied to a seed thought.  Very often there is some type of traumatic experience tied to it as well.  In meditation, a person can find these seed thoughts and get to the root of the matter.  Remove the seed thought, and you remove all grounding, or anchoring for that illness.

So healing can be instantaneous, and complete. It depends a lot on the individual’s acceptance.

A huge mistake we see people make who are early in to working with energy or the law of attraction, is they don’t respect the depth of the beliefs that sit in their unconscious mind, and in their genetic coding.¬† They think a couple positive thoughts will outweigh decades of destructive energy patterns.¬† ¬†They don’t understand that until the seed thought is changed, symptoms can stay, or return.

If you can hold a single thought that you are 10 lbs lighter today, wake up tomorrow, and be 10 lbs lighter, then your mind is truly¬† powerful.¬† But, if you’re not at that level of healing mastery, don’t kid yourself.¬† When you are truly ill, it is your responsibility to seek medical attention from a licensed professional.

Be smart.¬† Allow your mind to catch up to your spirit that knows you can be instantly healed.¬† In Tai Chi Gung, we recognize that this desire for instant healing is often tied to a person’s fear that they don’t have enough time left to fix it. Their “hurry to heal” is in fact fueled by their mortality issues which are a vibration that is actually making their symptoms worse.

Please understand: We do not claim to diagnose, or treat any disease state. This information is for educational purposes only.   

The Tai Chi Gung Lamas have had 3000 years to share healing energy, and discover how to activate it.  A person who desires complete, permanent healing very often undergoes a spiritual transformation, a transformation of self esteem, of worthiness. They discover who they truly are.

All illness or dis-ease, even aging itself comes when a human being  consciously or unconsciously accepts the thought that they are separate from the Divine.

Complete healing happens when that seed thought is released.  We let it go.  It is forgiven, if you prefer to use the religious words.

Many different stages of healing can happen.

In the early stages, people will go to others for healing.  The herb healed me, the healer healed me, the doctors healed me.  It is accepted that an outside source can bring relief, and so it happens.

In intermediate stages, people will take more responsibility.  They will be partners in the healing.  Their mentor helps them see the degenerative patterns of energy, the areas of low self esteem that are bringing on the symptoms, and the individual claims their inner worthiness and the symptoms disappear.

In advanced stages, people are working to keep their energy level high all the time.  They transcend diseases, out live them, change their genetic coding.  Along the way, they discover they can keep illness out of their body.  An old pattern of degeneration only effects their emotional field where they deal with it and release it before it becomes physical.

In the highest stages healing, illness simply can’t touch them at all.¬† A Tai Chi Gung Master considers aging itself a lower vibration, and it is all negotiable.¬† Immersed in the immortal vibration of Nature, they simply live in constant communion with the Life Force.¬† Many who do this become “invisible” to those who choose to entertain disease.¬† In some centuries, these Tai Chi Gung Lamas and Masters lived public lives like Lao Tzu, the original Tai Chi Gung Master, for example. (Though this public life was for a relatively short time compared to his life span, and somewhat forced on him by generals serving the emperor who was sick). For the most part, highly adept Tai Chi Gung Masters live in quiet anonymity… sometimes for 100s of years.¬† You simply won’t find them unless you’re earnestly seeking longevity or a truly abundant life.

The key to having a healing work for you, on any level, is to sustain the vibration of health or wholeness.¬† This must be done long enough so that the symptom loses it’s grounding in the body, mind or spirit. Generally, you’ll have to lose your attachment to the disease.

A very powerful way to make this happen, is to see yourself, or to see the person in need… in a state of complete health.¬†¬†See them¬†as if the healing has already happened.¬† This takes belief to a place of “knowing”.¬† ¬†It represents 100% faith. It brings it into the present, which is where the true power of transformation is to be found.

We can come together to speed healing for each other by raising our frequency together.¬† This is the aim of the healing concerts streamed live from our website.¬† We’ll use the power of seeing health and wholeness more than focusing on illness or disease.¬† One quick way to be healed yourself, is to be healer for others… another reason to make being there a priority. Visit¬† for the dates and times of our next event.

Receivers and Transmitters

Did you ever do this when you were a kid?¬† A sibling gets in your face and starts to give you a hard time, so you put your hands over your ears and start shouting as loud as you can “LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!!!”

There is a stage of personal power like that.¬† You see what the world is trying to sell you, and you consciously put something else in it’s place. You begin to choose your thoughts.¬† If you’re brave, you choose who you spend your time with, and even where you work.

In Tai Chi Gung, one of the benefits people see very quickly as they begin to practice the exercises is an increased awareness of their field.¬† 90% of our students actually feel their field physically in their very first class. I’ve even seen yoga teachers with more than 10 years experience open their eyes very wide when it happens to them.¬† They’re experiencing the chi physically in a way they never have before. It’s a testament to the purity of the system, and it’s 3000 year unbroken lineage.

Your thoughts and emotions are housed in your field.  When you can feel your energy field as easily as you feel the temperature when you step outside, you start to have many more life choices.

Students in Tai Chi Gung discover that they are the receiver of energy frequencies around them, and they can function as the transmitter also. This is actually true of the internal organs.  A Tai Chi Gung Master can project a quality of spirit through their liver, through their spleen, through their lungs.  The body is so much more than plumbing.

In the early stages of study, it’s an amazing step forward in personal power when you start to consciously choose a quality of your thoughts and emotions.¬† You teach your mind to recognize, embrace and to focus a specific frequency.¬† With practice, you’re able to project that quality of chi outward into the world.

It gives a new meaning to… where there is light, there can be no darkness.

Mother Teresa’s work in Calcutta is profound example of this ability.¬† She chose to see the Divine in those she served.¬† It is also powerfully present among survivors of concentration camps. Coincidentally, most of those that survived and learned to become the transmitter, became incredibly successful financially. Wealth as a spiritual practice often involves overcoming death in various forms.